If you choose to practice yoga asanas, you will face a challenge that demands both physical and mental effort. It requires perseverance and discipline to master the asanas and unlock the full potential of your body and mind. Each asana presents a unique challenge, whether it be in stretching, building endurance, or adapting to the changes in your body. But as you face and overcome these challenges, you will feel yourself becoming stronger and more balanced.

Weiße Rose Torsten Beck

The biggest challenge when practicing yoga is committing and consciously deciding to steer your life in a positive direction. But don’t worry, there are many methods to stay motivated and support you on your journey.

We don’t lack knowledge or inspiration. The challenge lies in integrating this knowledge into our daily routine. In my case, I decided to go to India in 2013 and focus on yoga there. Now it’s time to share as much of this yoga knowledge as possible. It all started with a YouTube video in which I talked about the connection between quantum mechanics and our lives.

Although it may seem like an unusual connection, quantum mechanics and my passion for yoga are deeply intertwined. Through my videos on the fascinating world of quantum mechanics, I aim to bridge the gap and demonstrate how we can unlock our full potential through yoga and a mindful way of life.

When I teach yoga asanas, I try to sense where my students are at and meet them there. Each person has their own personal field or level of experience. When you immerse yourself in yoga, you are not in a partnership with anyone else, but rather developing a partnership with yourself and the universe. That’s why people who retreat to an ashram don’t pursue romantic relationships or attend social events during that time. They are focused on deepening their practice and connecting with their inner selves.

I focus all my energy on investing in myself and continuously improving. Once I have a better understanding of myself, I want to use this knowledge to help and inspire others. My goal is to make a positive change in the world and contribute to more people realizing their full potential.

My perspective on this point is as follows: If I cannot solve my problems, then I don’t believe I can help you solve yours.

To support you in solving your problem, I must have experienced the emotion myself, and otherwise, I cannot empathize with your feeling.

When I overcome a problem, I ask myself how I managed to get rid of it. If someone comes to me with a similar issue, I can feel it and help them. That’s why, in yoga, it’s said that everything starts with our abilities. We have to be responsible for ourselves and treat ourselves lovingly. We should feel gratitude for our lives, our parents, and everything we have. Only if we carry this feeling inside us, can we share it with others and help them feel it too. This feeling goes beyond our material surroundings. Whether we ride a bike, lie on the beach, or practice yoga, it’s not about how it looks at the outside, but about the feeling we have inside. That’s what we should all have in common in the world. It’s about the feeling we have, not our outer appearance.

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